Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kenyan Matutu driver outsmarts Nigerian journalist on World Water Day 2010:

So it was the World Water Day 2010 celebrations in Nairobi. The theme for this year was water quality; makes a lot of sense since there are so many efforts focused on water availability.

So I was in town for the day. After the celebrations at UNEP in Nairobi, I and a group of journalists decided to take a Matatu back to town. The ride would have gone without incidence save for the continuous jokes by one of the Nigerian journalists, Fidelis, in the heavy traffic jam.

And an abrupt turn by the lady driver ahead of our Matatu that almost caused an accident. There was no bang, if anything it could have been just a scratch because the Matatu driver stopped so suddenly, my tall neighbor banged his head on the Matatu roof.

Immediately the driver (Kenyan of Indian origin) jumped out of her car and angrily scolded the taxi man. Somehow the driver was not arguing back, he was only trying to explain that she had turned so abruptly and the scratch was insignificant.

Meanwhile, we were holding up a lot of cars in the heavy jam, the cue seemed endless to the eye. Back inside the Matatu, Fidelis was making all sorts of comments. At one point he stood up to go and ‘help’ the Matatu driver, who according to him was doing nothing to assure the lady driver that she was the one in the wrong.

If anything he was making more noise than the Matatu driver but while inside the Matatu. Other passengers were smiling just enjoying the drama of the day, some were anxiously peeping out of the windows impatient to go.
I was listening to Fidelis and his talk of what he would do if only this had occurred in Lagos.

Suddenly, the Matatu conductor came and opened the boot and because I was in the back seat, I took it that he wanted to put in their some luggage. The driver of the Matatu also slowly got in his seat and within seconds we were racing up the street.

With all the cars out of the way by now we could have flown. On taking off I saw the confused lady driver trying to take a run a bit and then taking the photograph of the back of the Matatu but it was too late and too smooth.

So there was no case for the Matatu driver because the boot was open and there were no number plates to record on the mobile phone picture taken by the lady. Fidelis acknowledged that Yes the taxi conductor was smarter than him. And that is what I call smart. Happy World Water Day 2010! Be a smart water consumer get rid of water waste the only way to have quality water for consumption.

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  1. Esther, i kinda liked the way you weaved my jokes and the incident on our way back into your report.
    Good job!


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