Monday, September 23, 2013

Kampala condemns cowardly terror attack in Kenya

PRESS RELEASE (from Media Centre) 


On Saturday 21st September 2013, at about 1200 hours, the Government of the Republic of Uganda learnt with profound shock of a cowardly act of terrorism at a shopping complex in Nairobi, Kenya. In the bloody attack, a gang of armed terrorists, who Kenyan Security Forces are still confronting, besieged Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi and started shooting indiscriminately at shoppers.

The Uganda Government has also learnt with deep sadness resulting from this heinous, cold-blooded act of terror, 59 innocent people have died while are 175 have been wounded. As earlier suspected, a gloating Al-shabaab terrorist group, with a trail of similarly bloody attacks in the past, has indeed conceded to have staged this horror incident in Nairobi as well. This, the al-shabaab says, is a “response” to Kenya’s contribution to the on-going UN peace mission in Somalia!

The Government of the Republic of Uganda condemns in the strongest terms the barbaric, primitive and cowardly terrorist act by the Al-shabaab at WestgateShopping Mall in Nairobi. It is misguided act of desperation designed by evil elements to divide the people of Kenya and break the country’s resolve and to support the Global anti-terrorism fight and the on-going UN stabilization Mission in Somalia.

The Government of the Republic of Uganda stands firmly in solidarity with the Government of our sister-country, Kenya and the bereaved families and the People of Kenya at large during this difficult period. The Government of Uganda is confident that Kenyan security forces now confronting the terrorist’s gang at Westgate Shopping Mall will apprehend all its evil elements in the shortest time possible. We would like to see the members of this killer-gang drawing the fullest wrath of the law and as soon as possible.

As this painful situation is being resolved, we hope that calm and unity will continue to prevail in Kenya. We also trust that the Government of the Republic of Kenya will remain stead-fast in its commitment in the global anti-terrorism fight. Uganda Government is available to offer any support, as may be required towards decisively busting this syndicated ring of killers.

Finally, we pray that God grants the souls of our fallen Kenyan brothers and sisters and those of the foreign nationals a peaceful rest. For those who were injured in this chilling incident, we pray that they recuperate in the very shortest time possible.

So far, we have contacted the Ugandan High commission in Nairobi and they have indicated that there is Ugandan National affected but we shall be informing you as and when we receive more information.

Namayanja Rose Nsereko (MP)

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