Saturday, March 30, 2024

From Detention to Innovation: Nabilatuk District Transforms Former Holding Center into Digital Learning Oasis

In a symbolic transformation that echoes the resilience and adaptability of communities, authorities in Nabilatuk district have breathed new life into a former detention facility, repurposing it into a vibrant youth center dedicated to digital literacy and education.

Based within Nabilatuk Town Council, the facility, once synonymous with law enforcement, now stands as a beacon of learning and opportunity.

Collaborating with Tocau Karamoja, a dynamic youth-led organization committed to empowering the region, the district received a generous donation from MTN Uganda under its transformative MTN Changer Makers Initiative.

Valued at 20 million shillings, the fully equipped computer library bestowed upon the district has heralded a new era of technological advancement and knowledge acquisition.

The metamorphosed facility now exudes modernity, boasting state-of-the-art amenities including sleek furniture, a cutting-edge computer lab, and seamless internet connectivity. 

Kyeyune Ssenyonjo, the Nabilatuk Resident District Commissioner, lauded the visionary partnership that birthed this educational haven, recognizing its pivotal role in steering youth towards a brighter future.

Acknowledging the facility's storied past as a bastion against criminal elements, Ssenyonjo emphasized the district's commitment to safeguarding its newfound purpose, ensuring its sustained maintenance and security.

Kizito Tebanyang, the founder of Tocau Karamoja, illuminated the transformative potential of the center. With a steadfast dedication to nurturing computer literacy among youth, Tebanyang envisioned the facility as a sanctuary of learning, offering free guidance and educational services to eager minds yearning to embrace the digital age.

Simon Peter Loteng, the Nabilatuk District Senior Education Officer, echoed Tebanyang's sentiments, heralding the center as a catalyst for bridging the digital divide within the education sector. With optimism coursing through his words, Loteng envisioned a future where the facility inspires a generation of technologically savvy youth, enriching the fabric of their education and igniting pathways to success.

Dr. Charles Nuwagaba, the Chief Community Officer for MTN Uganda in the Karamoja region, and proprietor of Tiffan Enterprises, underscored MTN's unwavering commitment to digital inclusion and youth empowerment through education. 

With a resolute pledge to continue supporting the local community, Nuwagaba heralded the dawn of a digital revolution, fueled by collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision of a brighter tomorrow.

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